Journal entry #5

Journal Entry#5: Document your reflection of the pedagogical workshops you have had thus far. What do they mean for you? How have they changed your perceptions or broadened your perspectives of art education? Provide specific examples.

During my internship at the AGO I have attended two studio workshops for Grade 8 students on collage. The use of collage is used to explain foreground, middle ground and background as well as a method that helps in generating a topic. The project presented to students explains the concept of foreground, middle ground and background differently from the way I received it as a student during my childhood where it was explained using drawing/painting and perspective. This, naturally, led to insecurities among my classmates as they started to compare their drawings to others, evaluating them in terms of drawing skills, and thus forgetting the main purpose of the lesson. At the AGO, layers of acetate were used to have the students add background, middle ground and foreground to each layer, providing a clearer understanding. Through the use of collage, students use ‘ready made’ photos and images from magazines. I find that this eliminates competitiveness and insecurities involving drawing skills. Having students search for images that interest them at the start of the activity also reduces the confusion that has usually overwhelmed a class in my experience as a student where students spent a lot of time thinking of good ideas instead of creating. Having them collect images first automatically generates a topic for them, and fuels their creativity and interest.


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