Journal Entry #6

Journal Entry#6: Write a critical reflections on your research, your work and field experiences at the AGO.

Activities at the AGO offer different outcomes for the participants depending on the nature of the activity. At the Hands-On Centre dedicated to toddlers and their adult companions, usually one of the child’s parents, focuses on bonding time for the child and adult.  The activities at the Hands-On Centre are optional as some toddlers are too young for them, or show more interest in playing with their parent. The Hands-On Centre teaches basic techniques that are fun for a young age, but does not force the visitors to partake in the activity. I find that this encourages children’s creativity in a comfortable environment with their parent(s), given the freedom to withdraw at any time allows the child to feel comfortable in a learning environment.

At the studio where Grade 8 students are making collage pieces, the activity provides an insight on critical thinking while making visual art on an individual level. Each student is engaged in making an individual artwork. I believe that this activity encourages students to think about visual elements in art such as composition and layering, as well as generating a topic to make art about. I find that Grade 8 students are more comfortable working on their pieces individually, but are open to advice and opinions from their classmates.


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